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Mercedes-Benz AROCS 4148 8x6 Euro 6 Meiller Kipper Bordmatik

€ 172.900,- (netto) € 205.751,- (bruto) 19% MwSt.

Allgemeine Merkmale

  • ID FG12345
  • Marke Mercedes-Benz
  • Baujahr 2024
  • Kilometerstand 525 km
  • Kategorie Kipper
  • Bruttogewicht 42.000 kg
  • Schadstoffklasse 6
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Technische Merkmale

  • Datum der Erstzulassung 01-05-2024
  • Kraftstoffart Diesel
  • Getriebe Automatik
  • Radformel 8x6
  • Anzahl der Achsen 4
  • Gewicht 16.157 kg
  • Leistung in kW 353
  • Leistung in PS 480
  • Nutzlast 25.843 kg



Schäden: keines

Interne Fahrzeugnr.: FG12345, Mehr INFO unter:

+49 1636 633 037 Luis Lucena (Deutsch, English, Español, Français)

+48 669 808 888  Viktoria Sologubova (Polnisch, Russisch, Ukrainisch, English)


Baumuster: 96423212

Vehicle type: All-wheel tipper chassis

Engine output: 350 kW

Gross vehicle weight: 42000 kg

Modelrange: Mercedes-Benz Arocs 5

Vehicle type: 4148AK

Driver cabin: M-cab, low roof, 2.30 m,

tunnel 320 mm

Wheelbase: 4550 mm

Baumuster: 96423212

242.02.00 / D 160.00.00 2 of 7 BM 96423212 (M3C)

Equipment List


LZ Cab: MB 3620 traffic red

LZ71 Platform, tipper: MB 9040 Deep black

LZ33 Painted trim grille: MB 3620 traffic red


1st Axle: 2x 315/80 R 22,5


F18K28 75

Highway cross country steer

2nd Axle: 2x 315/80 R 22,5


F18K28 75

Highway cross country steer

3rd Axle: 4x 315/80 R 22,5


F18K29 75

Highway cross country drive

4th Axle: 4x 315/80 R 22,5


F18K29 75

Highway cross country drive

Standard equipment

A1X Straight front axle, increased ground clearance

A2G Rear axle, crown wheel 300, planetary, 13.4 t

A5Y Axle ratio i = 4.333

B1F Heating, electronic air-processing unit

B1H Electr. compressed air supply and control, centre

B1Z ABS, disengageable

B2B Drum brakes on front and rear axle

B2X Parking brake, electronic

B4A Condensation monitoring, for compressed air sys.

B4M Air reservoir, steel

C0B Frame overhang 800 mm

C2O Wheelbase 4550 mm

C5J Mounting parts, for tipper

C6J Power steering pump, uncontrolled

C6Q Stabiliser, front axle

C6Y Stabiliser, under frame, rear axle

C7A Rear underride guard (ECE)

C7K Battery carrier, batteries stacked

CLW Steering oil cooling

D0S Compressed-air connection, in cab

D1B Driver's suspension seat, standard

D1N Fold-up co-driver's seat

D2Y Seat belt monitor

D3X Seat cover, flat-weave fabric

D5Y Rubber mats, driver's and co-driver's side

D6F Air conditioning system

D6Z Construction-site filter

D8A Roof hatch/vent, roof

DUP0 Base Duplicate Code 0

E1C Batteries 2 x 12 V/220 Ah, low-maintenance

242.02.00 / D 160.00.00 3 of 7 BM 96423212 (M3C)

E3E Additional socket, 12 V/15 A, co-driver footwell

E3L Socket, 24 V/15 A, co-driver footwell

E3W PSM, 2nd generation

E4B Interface, fleet management system FMS

E4C Additional functions, for body manufacturer

E5A No. 1 switch, for non-MB body electrics

E5B No. 2 switch, for non-MB body electrics

E5H Switch for night-time driving light

F0G Side module, N3G vehicle

F0Y Mirror cover, construction vehicle

F2C Floor variant, tunnel 320 mm

F2G Cab width 2.30 m

F2N Cab, 600 mm attachment height

F3A Cab mountings, standard, steel-sprung

F3W Cab tilting mechanism, mechanical-hydraulic

F4I Cab rear wall, with window

F5Y A-pillar trim

F6D Windscreen, tinted, with filter band

F6I Front mirror, heated

F7B Bumper, with steel corners

F7D Bumper centre section w. towing eyes, coupling jaw

F7Y Cab entrance, left/right, movable

F8B 2 remote control keys

F8E Locking system, with central locking

F8F Extended central locking

G0R Transmission support arms, optimised for removal

G0T Predictive Powertrain Control

G0W Drive program offroad

G2F Transmission G 330-12/11.63-0.77

G5A Single-disc clutch

G5G Mercedes PowerShift 3

G5L PowerShift Advanced

J1H Instrument cluster, 12.7 cm

J1M Dig. tachograph, 2nd gen., version 2, ADR

J1S Tachograph manufacturer VDO

J2I Standard loudspeaker

J3U Requirement: FleetBoard Manager app

J3V Truck Data Center 7

J6A Classic Cockpit

J8Y Pre-installation for Truck Data Center 7

K0T Main tank, left

K1S Tank 260 l, left, 735 x 565 x 750 mm, aluminium

K3T AdBlue tank, 25 l

K5M Tanks, lockable

K7D Exhaust system, tailpipe to right and outwards

K7R Exhaust pipe, straight, above second axle

L0A Illumination regulation, in acc. with UN-R 48.06

L2H Side marker lamps, flashing

M0C Bottom shell to prevent swirling-up of dust

M0Q Noise regulation acc. to UN-R 51.03, phase 2

242.02.00 / D 160.00.00 4 of 7 BM 96423212 (M3C)

M3C Eng. OM471,inline 6, 12.8 l, 350kW (476hp),2300 Nm

M4X Engine version Euro VI, E

M5D 3. Engine generation OM471

M5V High Performance Engine Brake

M6L Air compressor, 2-cylinder

M7I Insect screen in front of cooling system

M7J Guard plate, bumper

M8B Air intake behind cab, mounted

N2E PTO MB 131-2c, pump

N6Z Transmission oil cooling

O0T TruckLive

P0Q Cover, for wheel arch and engine

P0S Space f.control unit betw. & door pocket

P9A Tip control, in cab

Q3C Rear spring, 2 x 15.0 t

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